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Guidance on Using Traffic Management Centers for Work Zone Management - 12/21/2015
This document presents guidance for DOTs to consider how Traffic Management Center (TMC) resources (staff, data, and tools) can be used to support all stages of a work zone, providing examples of where these resources are used today. A total of eight strategies are presented for utilizing TMC resources during the four stages of a work zone. Each strategy includes detailed descriptions and examples of use in practice. (Publication Number: FHWA-HOP-15-032)

Smarter Work Zone Virtual and In-Person Training Available - 10/21/2015
A variety of training resources are available, including webinars, in-person and web-based training, and presentations to assist agencies in developing and implementing smarter work zone innovations in the area of Project Coordination and Technology Application. For additional information contact

Smarter Work Zone Peer Exchanges Available - 10/21/2015
Peer exchanges offer an agency exploring the use of a particular smarter work zone innovation in the area of Project Coordination and Technology Application to bring in experts from another agency that has pursued implementation of the same or similar innovation in order to learn about their successes, challenges, and other lessons learned. Meanwhile, workshops offer an agency an opportunity to obtain focused outreach and training on particular smarter work zone implementation topics around Project Coordination from experts. For additional information contact

New Guidance for Conducting Effective Work Zone Process - 7/22/2015
This document shares good practices and methods that agencies have found worthwhile in conducting their process reviews. The goal is that this focused information will lead to more consistent and targeted improvements in agency work zone policies and procedures. This document includes tips for success in work zone process reviews, effective use of data and performance measures in process reviews, and insight for connecting process reviews with other work zone safety and mobility improvement efforts.

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