Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program

4.0 Transportation Management Plan Summary

The project may require over 300 working days to complete. A majority of the work will be constructed using a crossover to handle through traffic, while merging traffic and traffic with downtown Sacramento destinations will use two non-diverted lanes. This work will be done on a 24/7 basis. Remainder of project construction will be completed using standard lane closures and the 55-hour weekend lane closures.

The following strategies and elements will comprise the TMP for this project in Sacramento County in the City of Sacramento on Interstate 5 at the "Boat Section".

  • Motorists Information Strategies
  • Incident Management
  • Construction TMP Strategies
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Corridor/Network Management Strategies
  • Alternate Route Strategies
  • Public Information/Public Awareness Campaign
  • Contractor and Caltrans Emergency Contingency Plan

These strategies may be modified, changed, or eliminated as necessary, with consultation from the District Traffic Manager (DTM), to maximize safety and/or to minimize traffic congestion throughout the corridor. Listed below are TMP measures, responsible party, and action required:

Table 1. TMP Measures and Action Required
No. Transportation Management Measure Responsible Party Action Required Comments
CHP, RE Increase CHP presence during
roadway closures
RE to contact CHP to
request COZEEP
2 Ground Mounted Signs RE Provide project and warning information to motorists. Included in PS&E
3 Freeway Service Patrol Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA), RE, CHP Dedicated towing service to remove vehicles involved in an incident Cooperative Agreement
4 Portable Changeable Message Signs (CMS) RE, TMC Install portable CMS’s announcing reduced speed, delays, detours, and upcoming construction. Included in PS&E
5 Fixed Changeable Message Signs RE, TMC Use existing fixed CMS TMC Control
5 Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) RE, TMC Use existing and portable HAR Units Required during detour or as needed
6 Press releases, Paid Advertising, Brochures, Mailers, Impact group Notification PIO Provide project and construction information through media. Scope and frequency determined by PIO
7 Telephone Hotline RE, PIO Construction provides real time information. Public Affairs provide assistance in setting up hotline.
8 Contingency Plan RE, CHP, PIO, TMC, TMT TMC Incident Response Protocol RE to report Incidents to TMC


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