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The checklist on post-event activities presents steps pertaining to the evaluation of local and regional operations based on stakeholder debriefings and an analysis of traffic data collected on the day-of-event. The outcome of each and every activity represents the first step in planning for future, successive events and can contribute toward proactively improving travel management for all planned special events in a region. Information related to the steps discussed below can be found in the Managing Travel for Planned Special Events Handbook, which can be accessed at

This checklist calls for the user to compile comments, develop surveys, identify successes and failures, etc. All of these activities require creating forms, documentation the event activities, and analysis of the information that was gathered. Although the event is over, much needs to be done to capture what happened to ensure that the next event will build on what was learned. A post-event report, often called an after action report, or AAR, is a particularly valuable document that results from this checklist. An AAR is a report that follows a structured review process that allows participants to understand for themselves what happened, why it happened, and how it can be done better. An AAR is about learning, not finger pointing or even fixing a problem. The AAR should be conducted with a focus on improving the delivery of services for the next planned event, and should be done in conjunction with your partners. (It is very likely that the DOT will not be the agency in charge in writing the complete report for the event but will write up the transportation portion of the report.) The figure below summarizes the types of assessments made for each of the four steps in the post-event activities checklist:

Image names the four steps in the checklist and the associated assessments for each.D

Step 1. Review and Compile Measures of Effectiveness

Screenshot of Post-Event Activities checklist, step 1.D

Step 2. Participant Evaluation

Screenshot of Post-Event Activities checklist, step 2.D

Step 3. Post-Event Debriefing Meeting

Screenshot of Post-Event Activities checklist, step 3.D

Step 4. Post-Event Report

Screenshot of Post-Event Activities checklist, step 4.D

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