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Integrated Modeling for Road Condition Prediction — Phase 3 Evaluation Report

List of Acronyms

°F degree Fahrenheit
a.m. ante meridiem
EB eastbound
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
h hour
I–435 Interstate 435
IMRCP Integrated Modeling for Road Condition Prediction
KC Scout Kansas City Scout
km kilometer
METRo Model of the Environment and Temperature of Roads
mi mile
min minute
MLP machine learning-based prediction
MLPA machine learning-based prediction model A
mph mile per hour
N/A not applicable
NB northbound
p.m. post meridiem
PCCAT precipitation category
RAP Rapid Refresh
RMS root mean square
RTMA Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis
RWMP Road Weather Management Program
SCOUT Kansas City Scout
SPDLNK average speed of vehicles on each link
TMC traffic management center
TPVT temperature of pavement
TrEPS Traffic Estimation and Prediction System
TSMO transportation system management and operations
VIS visibility of surface
WRTM weather-responsive traffic management

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