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Congestion Pricing


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September 2015

Table of Contents

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The Primer Series
The Purpose of this Volume
What are Second Generation Congestion Pricing Projects?
How are First and Second Generation Priced Lanes Different?
Types of Second Generation Pricing Projects
New Roadway Capacity
Networks of Priced Managed Lanes
Priced Managed Roadways
Case Studies
Southeast Florida
Northern Virginia
Puget Sound, Washington
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
Houston, Texas
San Diego, California

List of Tables

Table 1 Characteristics of priced lane projects.
Table 2 Challenges and opportunities moving to second generation pricing projects.
Table 3 Case Studies and Highlights.
Table 4 Evolution of Southeast Florida Managed Lanes.
Table 5 Southeast Florida Challenges and Opportunities.
Table 6 Evolution of Northern Virginia Managed Lanes.
Table 7 Northern Virginia Challenges and Opportunities.
Table 8 Evolution of Puget Sound Managed Lanes.
Table 9 Puget Sound Challenges and Opportunities.
Table 10 Evolution of Minneapolis Managed Lanes.
Table 11 Minneapolis Challenges and Opportunities.
Table 12 Evolution of Houston Managed Lanes.
Table 13 Houston Challenges and Opportunities.
Table 14 Evolution of I-15 Managed Lanes.
Table 15 San Diego Challenges and Opportunities.

List of Figures

Figure 1 Illustration.Timeline Depicting the Evolution of Roadway Pricing from the 1960s through Today.
Figure 2 Photo. I-95 Express Toll Lanes in Florida.
Figure 3 Map. The Current and Planned Express Toll Lane Network in the Greater Miami Area.
Figure 4 Figure 4. Map. The Northern Virginia Managed Lanes Facilities.
Figure 5 Figure 5. Photo. Construction of the I-495 Express Lanes in Northern Virginia.
Figure 6 Figure 6. Map. Existing and Proposed Priced Managed Lanes for SR 167 and I-405 in the Puget Sound Region.
Figure 7 Photo. Existing SR 520 Bridge in Washington Prior to Replacement.
Figure 8 Photo. I-35W MnPass Express Lanes in Minnesota.
Figure 9 Map. The Existing and Future Managed Lanes in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Region.
Figure 10 Diagram. The Katy Freeway Managed Lane Facility in Houston.
Figure 11 Photo. Gulf Freeway High-Occupancy Vehicle and High-Occupancy Toll Lanes at the Eastwood Transit Center in Texas.
Figure 12 Screenshot. The San Diego I-15 Corridor Express Lanes.
Figure 13 Photo. I-15 Express Lanes in California.
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