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Field Operations Guide for Safety/Service Patrols

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Table of Contents


Technical Report Documentation Page

The Basics


Basic FFSP Program Functions

FFS/SP Operator Overview and Functions

How To Use This Guide

Intended Audience and Use

Using the FOG in the Field

Why use the FOG

Operator Information

Pretrip Inspection

Personal Safety

High-Visibility Apparel / Safety Vest

Personal Safety Items

General Operator Safety

Priorities at an Incident

Operating in the Interest of Safety

Traffic Laws

Proper Patrol Procedures

Leaving and Entering the Travel Lanes

Operator Safety Guidelines for Motorist Assists

Transporting Stranded Motorists

Transporting/Assisting Pedestrians (No Vehicle Present)

Motorist-Aid Provider Protocol

Push Bumper

Emergency Temporary Traffic Control

Temporary Traffic Control at a Traffic Incident Management Area

Safe Vehicle Placement

Emergency Light Use

Arrow Panel Use

Traffic Cone Placement

Traffic Cone Placement for Lane-Blocking Incidents

Positive Traffic Control

Advance Warning and Queue Protection

Dismantling the Incident Scene

Incident Actions

Abandoned Vehicles

Disabled Vehicles

Relocating Vehicles from Hazardous Locations

Basic Assistance

Traffic Crashes

Working with Other Responders

Relocating Crash Vehicles

Vehicle Fires

Truck Crashes

Vehicle Fluid Spill Mitigation

Incidents Involving Hazardous Materials

Removing Debris

Road Closures and Detours


Radio Communication

Incident Documentation


Incident Management Structure

National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Incident Command System (ICS)

Traffic Incident Classification

Vehicle Identification Guide

Multilingual Assistance

Coverage Map

Important Contacts

Terms and Acronyms


Vehicle Positioning Checklist
Personnel Checklist
Considerations Checklist
Haz-Mat Safety Checklist
Non-Cargo Fluid Spill Quick Action Guide Checklist
Push Bumper Checklist

Visor Cards

ETTC for Shoulder Assist Visor Card
ETTC for Lane Blocking Incident Visor Card
Traffic Cone Placement Visor Card
Incident Classification Visor Card
Incident Priorities Visor Card

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