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Advancing Practices for Localized Traffic Analysis and Work Zone Management During Voting Events

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The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) supports the use of traffic analysis tools and enhanced work zone management to improve access to voting events. This effort aids the United States Department of Transportation's support for Executive Order 140191, "Promoting Access to Voting."

One aspect of voting access is the ability for voters to reach their polling places without significant or unexpected traffic delays. In many ways, Election Days are like planned special events. Traffic volumes may be heavier than usual and typical travel patterns may be disrupted, creating additional and unexpected traffic delays around polling places. In addition to traffic delays, disruptions to travel paths, such as sidewalks, and parking availability may also impact access to polling places.

The FHWA is encouraging a proactive, rather than reactive, operations mindset to minimize voting access impacts before they happen. Working with State DOTs, local agencies, and National Associations, FHWA is interested in understanding traffic and work zone related barriers to voting access and identifying solutions to overcome these barriers, particularly in underserved communities.


The FHWA continues to assemble resource lists, information briefs, and other materials for taking actions related to traffic analysis and improving work zone management for voting events.

The FHWA Office of Operations website also has many resources related to assessing traffic impacts of planned events and managing potential disruptions, including the FHWA Traffic Analysis Tools and FHWA Work Zone Management web pages. The Americans with Disabilities Act and Other Federal Laws Protecting the Rights of Voters with Disabilities provides information on supporting access to voters with disabilities.

FHWA has developed a number of resources that are relevant to considerations of traffic analysis and work zone management during voting events:

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