Operations Performance Measurement Program
photos of traffic merging on a multi-level freeway interchange, traffic near a construction zone, variable message sign, train at a crossing, traffic on a river bridge, and a rural highway
21st Century Operations Using 21st Century Technologies

Major Issues in Performance Measurement

  • Cost of data collection
  • Assuring appropriate comparisons to other operations
  • Data quality
  • Data completeness
  • Extrapolating from partial coverage
  • Matching measures to their purposes
  • Understanding extraneous influences in the data
  • Conflicts with other measuring programs - which is "right"
  • Timeliness of data for measures
  • Use of measures in allocation of funding
  • Liability for action (or lack thereof) based on measurement results
  • Responsibility for measures for which there may be limited control
  • Benchmarking and targets
  • External factors
  • Good multimodal measures
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