Operations Performance Measurement Program
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21st Century Operations Using 21st Century Technologies

Key Steps & Critical Practices in Performance-Based Management

  1. Define Mission and Goals (including Outcome-Related Goals)
    1. Involve key stakeholders in defining missions and goals.
    2. Identify key factors that could significantly affect the achievement of the goals.
    3. Align activities, core processes, and resources to help achieve the goals.
  2. Measure Performance
    1. Develop a set of performance measures at each organizational level that demonstrate results, are limited to the vital few indicators for each goal at each organizational level, respond to multiple priorities, link to responsible programs, and are not too costly.
    2. Collect sufficiently complete, accurate, and consistent data to document performance and support decision making at various organizational levels.
    3. Report performance information in a way that is useful.
  3. Use Performance Information
    1. Use performance information in systems for managing the agency or program to achieve performance goals.
    2. Communicate performance information to key stakeholders and the public.
    3. Demonstrate effective or improved program performance.
    4. Support resource allocation and other policy decision making.
  4. Reinforce Performance-Based Management
    1. Devolve decision making with accountability for results.
    2. Create incentives for improved management and performance.
    3. Build expertise in strategic planning, performance measurement, and use of performance information in decision making.
    4. Integrate performance-based management into the culture and day-to-day activities of the organization.

Source: Adapted from U.S. Government Accountability Office, Executive Guide: Effectively Implementing the Government Performance and Results Act, Washington, D.C., 1996, pp. 8-46.

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