ITS Architecture Implementation Program
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21st Century Operations Using twenty-first Century Technologies


  • Applying a Regional ITS Architecture to Support Planning for Operations: A Primer (HTML, PDF 8.7MB) - This primer offers transportation planners and operations managers a menu of opportunities for applying the regional ITS architecture to enhance planning for operations.
  • Using Your Regional ITS Architecture Peer Exchange Workshop: Summary and Findings (HTML, PDF 250KB) - presents the findings of the "Using Your Regional ITS Architecture (RA) Peer Exchange Workshop" held in December 2004, Kansas City, Missouri.
  • FHWA Rule/FTA Policy presents the final text of both the FHWA Rule and the FTA Policy, and several fact sheets and brochures.
  • Regional ITS Architecture Guidance Document (HTML, PDF 6.9MB) November 5, 2020 Updated Version that describes a process for creating a regional ITS architecture with supporting examples of each architecture product.
  • Regional ITS Architecture Assessment Checklist (HTML, DOC - 110KB) is a tool for assessing the completeness of and identifying needed improvements to a regional ITS architecture and includes the requirements of the FHWA Rule and FTA Policy on ITS Architecture and Standards Conformity.
  • National ITS Architecture Field Support Team was established by FHWA to provide short-term, on-call or on-site resources to support and facilitate the development, utilization, and maintenance of regional ITS architectures.
  • Regional ITS Architecture Examples links to example sections of existing regional ITS architectures.
  • Regional ITS Architecture Maintenance Resources: Technical Advisory (HTML, PDF - 172KB) describes resources needed to effectively maintain a regional ITS architecture including; estimated resources needed (work-load and budget), variables that influence resource allocation, and situations where substantially more resources may be needed.
  • National ITS Architecture Website links to a browsable version of the National ITS Architecture.
  • National Transportation Library contains documents on Intelligent Transportation Systems topics published or sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • Open Source Application Development Portal (OSADP) - A channel for distributing and collaborating on transportation related open source applications.