ITS Architecture Implementation Program
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National ITS Architecture Field Support Team

Federal legislation has required the utilization of a systematic planning process for the federally funded deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), with emphasis given to multi-agency integration. This has resulted in efforts to develop a number of ITS Architectures with either a Regional, Statewide, Corridor, or Service Area focus. In recognition of these activities, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has established a National ITS Architecture Field Support Team, to provide short-term, on-call or on-site resources to support and facilitate the development, utilization, and maintenance of these architecture plans. Some examples of the service the AFST can provide are listed below:

Technical assistance will be delivered via:

  • Customized Training courses, including Basic Architecture Primer
  • Pre- or post-meeting support for Architecture Process Workshops
  • Guidance materials, including examples of good regional ITS architecture documents
  • Review of services and regional architectures
  • Telephone support for FHWA Division Office and State and local governments
  • Turbo Architecture Support

Contact Us …

Typically, a State highway or local agency customer will contact the FHWA Division Office in their state with requests for ITS Architecture assistance and information. However, the Architecture Field Support Team can also be contacted directly.

The ITS Architecture Field Support Team is comprised of the following members:

Office of Operations