ITS Architecture Implementation Program
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Training for ITS Architecture Development and Implementation

Training on the National ITS Architecture and Regional ITS Architecture Development and use is available both on-site and online. To view specific information on available Training Courses and Workshops or to schedule an Architecture course, visit the ITS Architecture Website at Below is the list of available training courses:

Architecture Training

  • ITS Architecture: ARC-IT Web Training
  • ITS Architecture: Use & Maintenance Web Training
  • ITS Architecture: ARC-IT 101/Refresher On-Site Training
  • ITS Architecture: Quick-Starting Your Update Workshop
  • ITS Architecture: Architecture Development Workshop
  • ITS Architecture: Use & Maintenance Workshop
  • Software Tools: RAD-IT Web Training
  • Software Tools: SET-IT Web Training
  • Software Tools: RAD-IT On-Site Training
  • Software Tools: SET-IT On-Site Training

Archived Webinars

A listing of archived webinars on National ITS Architecture and Regional ITS Architecture Development.

To schedule a Workshop, contact Kingsley Azubike.