Emergency Transportation Operations
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About Emergency Transportation Operations

Photograph showing an overturned  tractor on the side of a road.

The FHWA Emergency Transportation Operations (ETO) team contributes to major program initiatives tied to FHWA and USDOT Strategic Implementation Plans. These ETO initiatives change based on Departmental or Agency focus and demonstrate where the majority of our level of effort and resources are concentrated. For example, over the past couple of years, the ETO team has focused its resources on the Department's Congestion Initiative. Major Initiatives related to this include TIM Performance Metrics, basic guidance for State and local TIM programs in promoting safe, quick clearance process and laws, and guidance on developing or improving Service Patrols. Past major initiatives included work in transportation-specific evacuation guidance and capacity. This section will reflect current work efforts and provides our strategic plans for future work. Many of these efforts, e.g., Incident Management for Transportation, contribute to improvements in all three major ETO program areas.

Transportation is critical to emergency response, no matter the size or the frequency of the event. FHWA is committed to improving our nation's ability to manage emergencies that take place within the transportation network infrastructure or affects it in some way.

The Emergency Transportation Operations Program

  • Addresses Activities Along a Response Continuum, Regardless of Cause
  • Provides Technical Assistance, Knowledge and Tools
  • Encourages an All-Hazards Approach
  • Major Program Initiatives

Staff Directory

Emergency Transportation Operations Team
Staff Phone Number
Paul Jodoin, Transportation Specialist 202-366-5465
James Austrich, Responder Training Program Specialist 202-366-0731

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