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National Freight Network

Section 167(c) of title 23 United States Code (U.S.C.) [PDF 134KB], which was established in Section 1115 of MAP-21, directs the Secretary to establish a national freight network to assist States in strategically directing resources toward improved system performance for efficient movement of freight on the highway portion of the Nation's freight transportation system. This includes the National Highway System, freight intermodal connectors, and aerotropolis transportation systems.

Under 23 U.S.C. 167(c), the national freight network will consist of the primary freight network, the portions of the Interstate System not designated as part of the primary freight network, and critical rural freight corridors. The designation of the primary freight network will be based on an inventory of national freight volume conducted by the Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration, in consultation with stakeholders, including system users, transport providers, and States. The primary freight network will be comprised of not more than 27,000 centerline miles of existing roadways that are most critical to the movement of freight, but the 27,000 mile cap may be increased by an additional 3,000 centerline miles of existing and planned roadways that the Secretary deems critical to the future efficient movement of goods on the primary freight network.

Primary Freight Network

Federal Register Notices

  • Federal Register Notice, February 6, 2013 [HTML, PDF 223KB] - Establishment of the National Freight Network; Notice
  • Federal Register Notice, February 13, 2013 [HTML, PDF 172KB] - Establishment of the National Freight Network; Correction


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