Road Weather Management Program
photos of lightning, trucks plowing snow, an empty road before a storm, and an evacuation
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Technical Briefs by State

Brief No. Title State
CS009 Making Snow-Covered Roads Easier to Open Alaska
CS018 Protecting a National Forest with New Snow Removal Methods California
CS024 Anti-Icing Saves Time and Money Colorado
CS117 Road and Weather Data Give Colorado DOT a Jump on Snow Storms and Avalanches Colorado
CS069 New Weather System Keeps Routes Open in the Nation's Capital Washington, D.C.
CS124 Protected by Snow Fences, Idaho Road Stays Open to Traffic  Idaho
CS039 Better Weather and Pavement Information Mean Faster Storm Cleanup Illinois
CS027 Snow and Ice Control: The New Generation Iowa
CS043 Iowa Gets a Jump on Storms with New Technology Iowa
CS074 Snow Fences Increase Visibility and Reduce Drifts Iowa
CS026 Anti-Icing Improves Road Safety Kansas
CS015 Beating Winter Storms to the Punch with an Advance Warning System Kansas
CS017 Timing Is Key to Effective Winter Maintenance in Maryland Maryland
CS036 Clearer Roads at Less Cost Massachusetts
CS037 Michigan Finds a Solution for Icy Bridges  Michigan
CS029 Monitoring System Gives Highway Crews the Edge in Winter Maintenance Minnesota
CS081 Snow Fences Spell End of Blocked Highways Minnesota
CS028 Anti-Icing Techniques Key to Safer Roads Missouri
CS032 Weather System Saves Money and Improves Service Missouri
CS030 Weather Monitoring Stations Improve Maintenance Operations Montana
CS084 Keeping the Snow at Bay Nebraska
CS004 A Cleaner, Safer Way to the Slopes Nevada
CS086 Snow Fences Prove To Be a Valuable Maintenance Tool Nevada
CS041 Advanced Cutting Edge Clears More Ice in New Hampshire New Hampshire
CS087 Real-Time Data Slashes Winter Maintenance Costs New Jersey
CS053 No More Snow Drifts on Upstate Road New York
CS031 Weather Information System Helps Keep North Dakota Roads Clear North Dakota
CS092 Saving Money and the Environment Oregon
CS121 Timing Is Everything with Winter Maintenance South Dakota
CS096 Information Helps Schedule Operations Year-Round Texas
CS006 Making Better Use of Snow Fences Utah
CS058 New Technology Slashes Winter Maintenance Costs West Virginia
CS010 A Preemptive Strike on Ice Washington
CS038 Clear Roads Ahead for Wisconsin Counties Wisconsin
CS101 Snow Fences Save Money and Lives Wyoming
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