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Work Zone Management Capability Maturity Framework Tool

Welcome to the Work Zone Management Capability Maturity Framework (CMF) tool. This framework is intended for agencies or regions to assess current capabilities with respect to work zone management. When the current capabilities are determined, the tool provides a list of concrete actions for agencies to raise their capabilities to the desired levels.


Managing traffic during construction is necessary to minimize traffic delays, maintain motorist and worker safety, complete roadwork construction in a timely manner, and maintain access for businesses, institutions, and residents. This framework assesses the capability for effective work zone traffic management including assessing work zone impacts and implementing strategies for minimizing or mitigating the impacts.

Use this framework if:

  • Your agency has significant upcoming reconstruction and maintenance activity
  • Considering implementing Work Zone ITS technology within your agency
  • You are in the middle of updating your state's process review for Work Zones
  • Your agency is working on a plan to improve work zone safety and mobility

Who should be involved?

  • Work zone traffic managers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Traffic operations managers
  • Construction staff
  • Project planning and design staff


Select the link below to access the Work Zone CMF tool. Please use a Web-browser with local storage and JavaScript capabilities such as Internet Explorer 9 and later, Chrome v33 and later, or Firefox v30 and later.



For more information on the Work Zone Management CMF, please contact Jawad Paracha at, (202) 366-4628.