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Planned Special Events Capability Maturity Framework Tool

Welcome to the Planned Special Events Capability Maturity Framework (CMF) tool. This framework is intended for agencies or regions to assess current capabilities with respect to planned special events management. When the current capabilities are determined, the tool provides a list of concrete actions for agencies to raise their capabilities to the desired levels.


Planned special events include sporting events, concerts, festivals, and conventions occurring at permanent multi-use venues (e.g., arenas, stadiums, racetracks, fairgrounds, amphitheaters, convention centers). They also include less frequent public events such as parades, fireworks displays, bicycle races, sporting games, motorcycle rallies, seasonal festivals, and milestone celebrations at temporary venues.

Planned special events can significantly impact travel safety, mobility, and travel time reliability across all surface transportation modes and roadway facilities. Managing travel for planned special events involves advanced operations planning, stakeholder coordination and partnerships, developing multi-agency transportation management plans, raising awareness of general public and event patrons of potential travel impacts, and coordinating agency services and resource sharing.

Use this framework if:

  • You are considering improving existing planned special events planning activities and protocols
  • Your region has upcoming planned special events that are expected to have significant impacts on the traveling public

Who should be involved?

  • Planned special event coordinators or managers
  • Selected group of event planners
  • Law enforcement representatives
  • Traffic managers in the region


Select the link below to access the Planned Special Events CMF tool. Please use a Web-browser with local storage and JavaScript capabilities such as Internet Explorer 9 and later, Chrome v33 and later, or Firefox v30 and later.



For more information on the Planned Special Events CMF, please contact Paul Jodoin at, 202-366-5465.