Traffic Incident Management
Various traffic incident management scenes - heavy traffic after accident, traffic planning, police car blocking road, overturned car on bridge, detour, rescue workers.
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Voice and Data Communication Interoperability

  • Capital Area Wireless Integrated Network Project - CapWIN enhances communication between responders in the National Capital Region.
  • Public Safety Wireless Network program - PSWN was a precursor to the current SAFECOM national initiative on public safety communications interoperability. This link provides access to a broad range of information on interoperability.
  • ITS Standards Program - Technical data exchange standards make it possible for responder computer systems to communicate. This link provides access to over a decade of work developing such standards for transportation agencies, and provides access to a similar site developed by the Public Safety community.
  • Statewide Communications Interoperability Planning Methodology - Statewide Communications Interoperability Planning (SCIP) Methodology, a tool that outlines a step-by-step planning process for developing a locally-driven, statewide strategic plan to enhance communications interoperability. The SCIP methodology is the result of collaboration between SAFECOM and the Commonwealth of Virginia. With SAFECOM's support, Virginia completed a strategic plan for improving statewide interoperable communications, which now serves as one approach for states to consider as they initiate statewide communications planning efforts.