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Maryland State Highway Administration Pilot of the Data Business Plan Guide for State and Local Departments of Transportation: Data Business Plan

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November 2017

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. Introduction
No Value Scope
No Value Organization
Chapter 2. Stakeholder Outreach
No Value Stakeholder Registry
No Value Stakeholder Outreach
Chapter 3. Data Definitions, Assessment, and Improvement Strategies
No Value Data Definitions
No Value Data Assessment
No Value Assessment of Capability
Chapter 4. High Level Architecture
Chapter 5. Data Governance Framework
No Value Current State
No Value Recommended Governance Framework
Chapter 6. Implementation Plan
No Value Data Action Items
No Value Architecture Action Item
No Value Governance
Appendix A. Stakeholder Registry
Appendix B. Stakeholder Letter
Appendix C. Example Data Sharing Agreement
Appendix D. Example Data Governance Manual
No Value Introduction
No Value What is the Roadway Mobility Data Coordination Group?
No Value How is the Coordination Group Structured?
No Value What Kind of Topics Does the Coordination Group Address?
No Value How Does the Coordination Group Work?
No Value What is Expected of Members?
No Value How Will Success of the Coordination Group Be Measured?
No Value What Additional Documentation is Available?
No Value Who is the Key Contact for Information?
Appendix E. Glossary of Data Management and Governance Terms
Appendix F. Acronyms

List of Figures

Figure 1 Charts. Assessment of capability.
Figure 2 Flow chart. High level architecture.
Figure 3 Flow chart. Data governance framework.
Figure 4 Flow chart. Framework for the coordination group with the Data Governance Advisory Council.
Figure 5 Organizational chart. Structure for roadway mobility data  coordination group.
Figure 6 Flow chart. Relationship between group activities (outputs) and outcomes.
Figure 7 Process chart. Performance indicators for group activities (outputs).
Figure 8 Flow chart. Performance indicators for outcomes.

List of Tables

Table 1 Pilot contacts.
Table 2 Stakeholder engagement plan.
Table 3 Enterprise Geographic Information System metadata content.
Table 4 Data governance roles and responsibilities.
Table 5 Stakeholder Registry.
Table 6 Coordination Group Member Offices.
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