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Applying Archived Operations Data in Transportation Planning: Web-Based Informational Session

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December 2017

FHWA's web-based informational session is designed to provide practical tools for today's transportation professional, who is constantly challenged to respond to numerous, competing, complex concerns – simultaneously.

Improve Planning through Archived Operations Data

The purpose of this web-based informational session is to assist transportation planners and their operations partners in effectively using archived operations data for developing, analyzing, and evaluating transportation plans and programs. It aims to raise planners' awareness of the opportunities afforded through archived operations data and provides guidance on how to take advantage of that data to expand and improve planning practices. The session provides information on how to overcome the barriers to obtaining and using data.

This session includes video presentations by instructors, lessons learned from experienced practitioners, demonstrations, and narrated slides.

The target audiences for this session include transportation planners, operators, and data specialists at metropolitan planning organizations, State and local departments of transportation, and transit agencies who are interested in getting more use out of operations data resources.

Benefits of Using Archived Operations Data

  • Enables performance-based planning and programming.
  • Provides a more complete picture of system performance.
  • Opens up new types of analysis to support the planning process.
  • Enables more sophisticated modeling.

Free Web-based Informational Session

Regardless of your level of expertise, it has never been easier to take advantage of archived operations data for planning. FHWA's web-based informational session delivers content to your desk or laptop in three simple modules.

Module 1: Introduction to the Use of Archived Operations Data for Planning
Module 2: Archived Operations Data Applications
Module 3: Moving Forward with Archived Operations Data

To access the modules, go to


Jim Hunt, FHWA Office of Operations
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Ralph Volpe, FHWA Resource Center
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FHWA Planning for Operations Website:

The related FHWA publication, Applying Archived Operations Data in Transportation Planning: A Primer, is available at

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