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Much of the work reported herein was inspired by discussion held in the Transportation Research Board Committee on Traffic Signal Systems, which has held several conference sessions on the subjected of signal timing in the congested regime. Particularly, the presentations at the 2006 summer meeting, held in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, provided an excellent overview and framework for further work. The committee also provided useful feedback during a series of reports by the researchers on the progress of this effort.

The simulation work for the San Antonio scenario for looking at the effect of buses was performed by Kevin Spencer at the University of Arizona.

The foundation of the work is based on interviews conducted with a number of recognized signal timing experts, and the researchers in particular acknowledge and express gratitude for their willingness to participate in the lively discussions that led to the description and understanding of the state of the practice. Those experts include:

  • Gerard de Camp, independent consultant
  • Steven Click, Tennessee Tech University (formerly with North Carolina DOT)
  • Woody Hood, Maryland State Highway Administration
  • Eric Nelson, Harris County (Texas) Department of Transportation
  • Gary Pietrowicz, Road Commission of Oakland County (Michigan)
  • Ziad Sabra, Sabra-Wang and Associates
  • Bill Shao, Los Angeles Department of Transportation