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Data Quality White Paper

Table of Contents

List of Acronyms

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Background

1.2 Project Objective and Scope

1.3 Organization of Paper

Chapter 2 Literature Review of Previous Efforts

2.1 "Guidelines for Data Quality for ATIS Applications" (2000)

2.2 "Traffic Data Quality Workshop Proceedings and Action Plan" (2003)

2.2.1 Defining and Measuring Traffic Data Quality

2.2.2 State-of-the-practice for Traffic Data Quality

2.2.3 Advances in Traffic Data Collection and Management

2.2.4 Action Plan Development of Traffic Data Quality Workshops

2.3 "Traffic Data Quality Measurement" (2004)

2.4 "Quality Control Procedures for Traffic Data Collection" (2006)

2.5 Summary of Previous Efforts

Chapter 3 Use of Data Quality Measures in Existing Systems

3.1 Public Sector Use




Consistency of Presentation


3.2 Private Sector Use

Chapter 4 Information Sharing Specifications and Data Exchange Formats

4.1 Sample Applications for Data Quality Measures

4.2 ITS Applications using Real-Time Information


Real-Time Weather Information System

4.3 Data Quality Measures

4.3.1 Travel Time

4.3.2 Speed

4.3.3 Weather Data

4.3.4 Summary of Data Quality Measures

Chapter 5 Proposed Rule for Real-Time Information Program

5.1 May 2006 Request for Comments

5.1.1 Program Purpose

5.1.2 Program Funding

5.1.3 Program Goals

5.1.4 Program Outcomes

5.1.5 Program Parameters

5.1.6 Information Quality

5.1.7 Data Exchange Formats

5.2 Responses to the Request for Information

5.3 Transportation System Operations Enhancements Enabled by the Proposed Rule

Chapter 6 Conclusions and Recommendations


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