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Standards Implementation

TEA-21 states that intelligent transportation systems (ITS) projects funded with highway trust funds should use applicable ITS standards and interoperability tests that have been officially adopted by the DOT. Six criteria were established to determine when standards can be considered for formal adoption through the rulemaking process. Currently the standards have not gone through the rulemaking process and DOT is not contemplating doing so at this time.

The ITS standards have been developed by standards development organizations (SDO) through a consensus process to ensure open, non-proprietary interfaces. Consistent and widespread use of ITS standards will permit data and information sharing among public agencies and private organizations to foster an environment of information sharing and interoperability.

Agencies are being asked to incorporate the ITS standards into upgrades and enhancements of existing systems, and into new systems. Among other benefits, use of adopted standards has the potential of reducing life cycle costs. However, there is no requirement for retrofitting or the scrapping of existing systems.

Standards Implementation Assistance

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For more information or questions about the ITS Standards Technical Assistance Program or on overall standards implementation activities contact:

Kingsley Azubike
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More information about ITS Standards can be found on the USDOT ITS Web Site.

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