Additional Resources and Training

The handbook entitled Configuration Management for Transportation Management Systems is intended to provide guidance for transportation professionals that are responsible for developing and maintaining complex Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and TMS. The handbook expands on the information presented here, by detailing the various aspects and components of CM.

The documents listed below and additional training materials are available on the TMC Pooled-Fund Study website at

  • CM for TMS Handbook, FHWA-0P-04-013, EDL# 13885
  • CM for TMS Brochure, FHWA-OP-04-016, EDL# 13888
  • CM for TMS Fact Sheet, FHWA-OP-04-017, EDL# 13889
  • CM for TMS, NHI Training Course No. 137042, FHWA-NHI-03-119