Configuration Management for Transportation Management Systems
Summary Guiding Principals

  1. Identify the context and environment in which CM is to be implemented and develop an appropriate CM plan accordingly.
  2. Define procedures describing how each CM process will be accomplished.
  3. Conduct training so that all responsible individuals understand their roles and responsibilities and the procedures for implementing configuration management process.
  4. All items are assigned unique identifiers so that one item can be distinguished from other items.
  5. Configuration documentation defines the functional, performance, and physical attributes of a system.
  6. A baseline identifies an agreed-to-description of the attributes of an item at a point in time and provides a known configuration to which changes are addressed.
  7. Each change is uniquely identified.
  8. Consider the technical, support, schedule, and cost impacts of a requested change before making a judgment as to whether or not it should be approved for implementation and incorporation in the item and its documentation.
  9. Implement a change in accordance with documented direction approved by the appropriate level of authority.