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US 50 Integrated Corridor Management – Sacramento Region

5. Transportation Systems and Services

The 2006 Regional ITS Architecture and the California State ITS Architecture were reviewed to determine whether the Architecture flows required for implementation of the current vision of the ICM corridor were satisfied. The Regional ITS Architecture will soon be updated by SACOG and a review of technologies planned or envisioned for implementation within the ICM corridor should be completed and considered for inclusion as part of the upcoming update. The primary infrastructure components are presently supported by the regional architecture and should not present any limitations during the initial implementation phase.

A review of the market packages, as presented in Table 1, which were included in the 2006 ITS Regional Architecture showed that all potential infrastructure interfaces were included in the current version. The titles of each market package are self-explanatory and have been documented for review purposes. As the Architecture gets updated, inclusion of these market packages may be necessary.

Table 5: Market Package Analysis (Regional ITS Architecture 2006 version)
Area Market Package Name
Traffic Management ATMS 01 Network Surveillance
ATMS 02 Probe Surveillance
ATMS 03 Surface Street Control
ATMS 04 Freeway Control
ATMS 06 Traffic Information Dissemination
ATMS 07 Regional Traffic Control
ATMS 08 Traffic Incident Management System
ATMS 15 Railroad Operations Coordination
ATMS 16 Parking Facility Management
Maintenance and Construction MC 03 Roadway Weather Data Collection
MC 04 Weather Information Processing and Distribution
MC 07 Roadway Maintenance and Construction
MC 08 Work Zone Management
MC 10 Maintenance and Construction Activity Coordination
Public Transportation APTS 01 Transit Vehicle Tracking
APTS 02 Transit Fixed-Route Operations
APTS 07 Multimodal Coordination
APTS 08 Transit traveler Information
Traveler Information ATIS 01 Broadcast Traveler Information
ATIS 02 Interactive Traveler Information

The infrastructure necessary for the initial ICM implementation has been included in past versions of the Regional ITS Architecture. In most cases, an example of the ITS technology exists in some form within the regional transportation system. While the ITS elements exist, they are not necessarily widespread in their implementation and, consequently, additional ITS element construction will be needed.

Computer infrastructure will be required for the implementation of the ICM system, as well as to improve cross agency network connectivity. The Information Technology departments will need to be consulted as methodologies are developed to assure all network security is maintained. Obtaining support of concepts and preliminary approvals for those concepts will require working with the system developers, agency operations personnel and the IT policy makers to find solutions to these complex coordination concerns.

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