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Improving Transportation Systems Management and Operations – Capability Maturity Model Workshop White Paper – Collaboration

7. Addressing Needs on the National Level

The weakness and related implementation plan actions identified in common by many State DOTs and their partners suggests an agenda of needs for research, guidance, and training. Consistent with the capability dimensions, this agenda is focused on process and institutional improvements that are not substantially addressed by existing support materials developed among peers or by AASHTO, FHWA, or other entities. The focus of collaboration within TIM fits well with the ongoing FHWA/SHRP 2 TIM Responder Training. Other potential national responses are indicated in Table 7.1.

Table 7.1 Suggested National Activities to Support Improvements in Collaboration
Activity Collaboration Element Sponsor(s) Comments
Develop guidance for formal TIM agreements with a special focus on aspects that improve their long-term viability Public Safety Agency Collaboration FHWA There is no available guidance that directly addresses preconditions for more effective agreements
Develop case study document regarding incentive-based towing and recovery agreements Public Safety Agency Collaboration Outsourcing/public-private partnership FHWA There are consultants who specialize in these arrangements
Poll State DOTs to determine extent of outsourcing; document current practices Outsourcing/public-private partnership Operations Academy™, NOCoE, FHWA There is a clear trend toward greater outsourcing that implicates issues such as maintenance of core capacities and performance contracting
Develop methods for accommodating TMCs activities and their resource requirements in both conventional statewide and metropolitan planning MPO/RTPA/Local government collaboration FHWA, NOCoE FHWA and NCHRP have developed important guidance material
Identify promising examples of collaborative operational management involving State and local entities MPO/RTPA/Local government collaboration FHWA, AASHTO, AMPO, NOCoE Real-time operational management involving different jurisdictions (ICM) is becoming more important, bridging an operational gap between traditional freeway and arterial operations silos

NOCoE – National Operations Center of Excellence
AMPO – Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations

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