Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program

Appendix B: Practitioner Discussion Questions

TMP Strategies – General

1. Who typically develops the TMP and selects strategies for a project?

2. How does your agency identify potential problems/needs related to work zone safety and mobility?

3. How does your agency select TMP strategies?

4. Which TMP strategies are used most often in your agency?

5. How many TMP strategies are used regularly on your agency's projects?

6. Does your agency have a list of recommended TMP strategies or standard strategies for certain types of projects?

7. Have you removed TMP strategies from the list of agency-recommended options? If so, why?

TMP Strategy Effectiveness Evaluation – Qualitative

8. How would you define "effectiveness" as it relates to TMP strategies?

a. What are your performance measures?

9. How do WZ practitioners find out about the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of particular work zone strategies?

10. Is there a formal process for sharing lessons learned within your agency related to TMP strategy effectiveness?

a. If yes, please explain.

11. Is there a feedback mechanism for the public to provide input on their experience? How is that information used by the agency?

TMP Strategy Effectiveness Evaluation – Quantitative

12. What types of quantitative data analysis have you completed to determine TMP strategy effectiveness or benefits?

a. (Examples: Queue lengths, travel times, delay, number of crashes, Level of Service)

13. How is this data collected? By whom?

14. How is this data analyzed? By whom?

15. What challenges have you encountered when attempting to analyze the effect of WZ strategies?

16. What additional data would you most like to have to improve your ability to conduct quantitative analysis of TMP strategy effectiveness?

TMP Strategy Effectiveness Evaluation – Hybrid

17. Please share an example of a TMP strategy you evaluated using both qualitative and quantitative information.

Evaluation Scope

18. Describe situations when you evaluated TMP strategies using the following scopes:

a. Full-scale, project-level evaluation of all TMP strategies

b. In-depth review of a single TMP strategy at multiple locations

c. Case studies (one/small number of TMP strategies on a single project or set of projects)

d. Process Review – General evaluation of TMP process and procedures


19. Would you/your agency find it useful to have more information on the effectiveness of various TMP strategies?

20. Do you think it is feasible to rate the effectiveness of TMP strategies?

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