Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program

Work Zone Road User Costs - Concepts and Applications


This work was performed under FHWA Contract # DTFH61-06-D-00004 by the Transportation Sector of Applied Research Associates (ARA), Inc. Mr. Jawad Paracha of Federal Highway Administration was the Contracting Officer’s Task Manager for this project.

Mr. Jagannath Mallela served as the Principal Investigator for the study. Mr. Mallela was supported by Dr. Suri Sadasivam of ARA. Ms. Erin Flanigan of Cambridge Systematics served as the Project Manager.

The research team gratefully acknowledges the voluntary participation and contributions of the project review panel. The project panel greatly contributed toward the preparation of this document by providing valuable insights, review and feedback. The project review panel included:

  • Dr. Rahim Benekohal, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Mr. Nathaniel Coley, Federal Highway Administration
  • Mr. Mark Hauske, New Jersey Department of Transportation
  • Ms. Mary Huie, Federal Highway Administration
  • Dr. Douglas Gransberg, Iowa State University
  • Mr. Jim McMinimee, Consultant
  • Mr. Venu Nemani, Maryland State Highway Administration
  • Dr. Jae Pyeon, San Jose State University
  • Dr. Nadarajah Sivaneswaran, Federal Highway Administration
  • Dr. Gerald Ullman, Texas Transportation Institute
  • Mr. Gerald Yakowenko, Federal Highway Administration

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