Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program

Kansas Department of Transportation
Standard Operating Manual

Subject: Reporting Accidents in Construction and Maintenance Work Zones

SOM: 1.11.3

Version: 4

Effective: 12/01/05

Information Contact: Bureau of Construction and Maintenance District Engineers

Approved: Secretary of Transportation

Policy Statement:

Traffic crashes that occur on projects in construction or maintenance work zones shall be reported and investigated in a reasonable time frame by the District Engineer, and remedial actions shall be taken if needed.

Procedural Guidelines:

The District Engineer shall provide law enforcement agencies in the District with the name, address, and work and home telephone numbers of persons from each field office who are authorized to receive crash information.

The District Engineer shall inform law enforcement agencies in the District that they need to notify authorized Agency personnel of any and all crashes that occur in construction or maintenance work zones and supply those personnel with all of the necessary information concerning the crash.

The supervisor in charge at a construction or maintenance work zone shall be responsible for assisting law enforcement personnel, when requested, in the investigation of traffic crashes occurring in the work zone; and in providing traffic control for the incident, when requested by first responders.

The supervisor in charge shall review the crash information provided by the law enforcement agency for probable causes of the crash and complete a crash report. Any needed changes to the traffic control plan (consistent with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) should be submitted to the Bureau of Traffic Engineering for approval. The supervisor shall report all actions taken to the District Engineer.

The report should include the following:

  • DOT Form No. 290 (PDF), "Report of Accident Investigation" and
  • Copies of official crash reports.

A copy of the crash report information shall be provided to the District Engineer, Office of Chief Counsel, Bureau of Construction and Maintenance, and the Area Office file.

Authoritative References:

Note: The following references are for additional information only. Clarification of this policy may be obtained from the information contact listed on this policy.

  • Federal-Aid Highway Program Manual, Volume 6, Chapter 4, Section 2, Sub-Section 12.


  • Form 290 - PDF (7KB)
  • Form 290 - HTML

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