Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program

WZ Probe Data – MD SHA

slide 1: WZ Probe Data – MD SHA

Work Zone Performance Management Peer Exchange Workshow

University of Maryland, A. James Clark School of Engineering

May 8, 2013

slide 2: Presentation Agenda

  • Background on RITIS/VPP Data and Tools
  • MD WZ Probe Data Project
  • Work Zone Performance Mangement Application Demo

slide 3: Background

  • Regional Integrated Transportation Information System (RITIS)
    • Real-time data feeds
    • Real-time situational awareness tools
    • Archived data analysis tools

slide 4:

Screen shot of a computer screen displaying a regional-level traffic map with various real-time data tools and feeds overlaid.

slide 5: Background

  • Vehicle Probe Project (VPP) Tool Suite
    • Real-time & Historic Speed Data
    • Travel Time Index
    • Travel time Reliability metrics
    • Queue Measurements
    • Statewide bottleneck ranking
    • Corridor Congestion Charts
  • VPP Growth in Use
    NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, NC, FL, GA, SC, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME (8,000 freeway miles, 30,000 arterial miles)

slide 6:

A series of charts and a map display travel time for a specific location.

slide 7: MD WZ PM Project

  • Phase 1-Foundational Research
    • Determine Adequcy of 3rd Part Probe Data for Real-time and Historical Work Zone Performance
    • Develop agreed upon Work Zone Performance Measures
    • DevelopPROTOTYPE user interface "dashboard"
    • Conduct meeting with potential users
    • Validate WZ PM output (based on 3rd party probe data) Using Bluetooth devices in 1 work zone
  • Phase 2- WZ PM Application Development
    • Develop functional WZ PM software application

slide 8: MD WZ PM Project

A→B: Upstream, B→C: Work Area, C→D: Downstream

Map displaying the average and maximum delay times along with queue information.

PM's: Average Delay, Maxiumum Delay, Queue Duration, Average Queue Length, Max Queue Length, Percent Time Queue Length Exceeds 1 Mile

slide 9: MD WZ PM Project

Graph showing the speed at one work zone by time of day.

slide 10: Demonstration

Screenshot of a RITIS work zone management screen with various charts and graphs depicting work zone status and current speeds and speed trends.

slide 11: Demonstration

Screen shot of a work zone dashboard.

slide 12:

Screen shot displaying an interactive work zone dashboard with measured speeds, conditions, and user delay costs.

slide 13: Custom Alerts

Screenshot of a selector tool for setting custom alerts.

slide 14:

Screen shot of a RITIS transportation system status screen.

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