Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program

Work Zone Performance Management Peer Exchange Workshop

May 8, 2013 • Atlanta Georgia

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Peer Exchange Purpose

The purpose of this peer exchange was to bring together representative from several State Departments of Transportation to discuss work zone performance management and how to quantify work zone impacts on safety and mobility. The peer exchange included presentations and discussion sessions to draw out common themes, challenges, and solutions.

Goals of the Workshop

  1. Share information on successful performance measures used by States
  2. Baseline the state-of-the-practice in measuring performance, including data collection and analysis techniques
  3. Share experiences and ideas in the form of case study presentations
Topic Speaker
Peer Exchange Summary [ HTML, PDF ]
WZ Performance Measurement – Mobility [ HTML, PDF ] Jerry Ullman, TTI
WZ Probe Data – MD SHA [ HTML, PDF ] Tom Jacobs, UM CATT
WZ Probe Data – VDOT [ HTML, PDF ] Mike Fontaine, VTRC
Work Zone Application of Bluetooth Traffic Detection [ HTML, PDF ] John Shaw, WisDOT
Management of Traffic with Real Time Monitoring [ HTML, PDF ] Lisa Zundel, UDOT
I-94 Work Zone Performance Measures [ HTML, PDF ] Larry Doyle, MDOT
Corridor-Based Work Zone Performance Measures: I-35 Central Texas [ HTML, PDF ] Jerry Ullman, TTI
Development of Traffic Information Systems Using DSRC Technology for the Work-Zone Environment [ HTML, PDF ] Imran Hayee, Univ of MN
Work Zone Performance Measurement – Safety [ HTML, PDF ] Jerry Ullman, TTI
Safety Assessment Process: DFW Connector [ HTML, PDF ] Jason Crawford, TTI
Percent of Customers Satisfied with Work Zones [ HTML, PDF ] Daniel Smith, MoDOT
VDOT Project Dash Board [ HTML, PDF ] Paul Kelley, VDOT
Ohio DOT Mobility Charts [ HTML, PDF ] Reynaldo Stargell, ODOT

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