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Best Practices for Road Weather Management Version 2.0


Synthesis of Best Practices for Eliminating Fogging and Icing on Winter Maintenance Vehicles


Windows and mirrors on snowplow trucks often become covered with snow, ice, fog and frost during winter storms, obscuring the operators' field of vision and raising safety concerns. The Clear Roads winter maintenance pooled fund research program sought to address these problems through this research project. The objective was to compile the most effective designs, technologies, materials and practices for keeping snowplow glass and mirror surfaces clean of winter precipitation inside and out. The study identified a number of strategies that agencies across the country have used to address icing and fogging problems and recommended opportunities for additional research and product testing by state agencies. Successful strategies highlighted in the report include heated mirrors (for addressing icing on mirrors); the improved heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems on newer trucks (for addressing interior fogging and exterior icing); winter-grade wipers (for addressing buildup on wipers); and plow deflectors and plow flaps (for addressing blow-over that leads to windshield icing).


Prepared by CTC and Associates LLC for Clear Roads Pooled Fund

Date: 2006


Thomas, Linsenmayer, Casey



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