a collage of eight photos showing a stakeholder meeting, people boarding a bus, a changeable message sign displaying the message race traffic, cars traversing a roadway where barricades delineate travel lanes, a closed-circuit television camera, a crowd of people standing near a train and traversing a pedestrian overpass, two implementation plans, and three traffic management team personnel gathered around a laptop computer

Managing Travel for Planned Special Events

Appendix N. Sample Implementation Plans

Indiana State Police, 2002 Brickyard 400 – Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Page No.
List of Detail Command 2
Zone #1: Locations, Instructions, and Units Assigned 3
Zone #2: Locations, Instructions, and Units Assigned 3
Zone #3: Locations, Instructions, and Units Assigned 3
Zone #4: Locations, Instructions, and Units Assigned 3
Zone #5: Locations, Instructions, and Units Assigned 4
Zone #6: Locations, Instructions, and Units Assigned 4
Telephone Numbers 5
Court Information 6
Instructions 7
Incident Reporting Procedures 7
Operating Procedures 8
Zone Commander Responsibilities
Communication Procedures
Inter-Agency Responsibilities
Location Instructions: Zone #1
Location Instructions: Zone #2
Location Instructions: Zone #3
Location Instructions: Zone #4
Location Instructions: Zone #5
Location Instructions: Zone #6
IDOT Operation Plan (Hoosier Helper)
Explanation of Speedway Passes
Emergency and Bus Route
Prohibited Items
Alphabetical Listing 46
Source: Indiana State Police

Indiana DOT, 2002 Brickyard 400


Date: 1 August 2002

To: All INDOT Units Assigned the Brickyard 400 Race Detail

From: Jay Wasson, ITS Operations Engineer, Operations Support Division

Re: Detail Specifics for Brickyard 400 Detail Scheduled for Sunday, August 4, 2002

Detail Overview

INDOT through the Greenfield District based ITS program will conduct a race day special detail to facilitate the movement of persons to and from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) via the Interstate System in Marion County, Indiana. The detail shall consist of the following elements:

  • Traveler Information
  • Incident Response & Mitigation
  • System Monitoring (i.e., traffic conditions)
  • Motorist Assistance
  • Traffic Control, and
  • Strategic Planning
Detail Schedule
Time Item
0530 Command Center Opens at IMS
0600 INDOT COMMAND operational at IMS Command Center
0600 AM Interstate Patrol Units 10-41
0630 INDOT Maintenance to close I-74 Eastbound right lane at I-465
0630 AM Interstate Patrol Units to be in assigned zone beginning routine patrol
0700 Public Gates open at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
1200 PM Interstate Patrol Units 10-41
1300 NASCAR Winston Cup Driver Introductions
1300 INDOT Maintenance to remove I-74 lane closure
1330 Start of Brickyard 400 (160 laps, 400 miles)
1330 AM Interstate Patrol Units released from assigned patrol zones and permitted to return to Indianapolis Sub.
1400 AM Interstate Patrol Units 10-42
1500 INDOT maintenance to stage post-race traffic control equipment
1545* All units assigned to the post-race detail are to be in their assigned locations. (Lap 120 will be the target.)
1800 Public Gates Close at Indianapolis Motor Speedway
1830* INDOT COMMAND releases operational control to Indianapolis Traffic Management Center
PM Interstate Patrol Units released from assigned patrol zones and permitted to return to Indianapolis Sub.
PM Interstate Patrol Units and any other 10-41 units for the detail 10-42
*Times may vary due to variability in race duration
Unit Assignments
Name Unit Assignment Radio Number 10-41 10-42
Holder, Don 38-30 PM Interstate Patrol 38-30 1200 2000
Howe, David 38-41 AM Interstate Patrol 38-41 0600 1400
Miller, Herb 38-22 PM Interstate Patrol 38-22 1200 2000
Newland, Mark X-10 PM Interstate Patrol (w/ 38-30) 38-30 1200 2000
Roquet, Glenn 38-7 Command Center – IMS INDOT COMMAND 0530 1830(?)
Silcox, Brian 38-40 AM Interstate Patrol 38-40 0600 1400
Wasson, Jay 38-1 Detail Coordinator 38-1 0530 1830(?)
Wuertz, Steve X-9 Command Center – IMS INDOT COMMAND 0600 1800

Detail Specifics

  • All Hoosier Helper FSP Units are assigned to the race day detail are to patrol the West Leg of I-465 from I-70 (Exit 9) to 56th Street (Exit 19). If traffic conditions dictate, patrol areas may be expanded at the discretion of the IMS Command Center.
  • The IMS Command Center console will be known as INDOT Command for all radio traffic. All normal Hoosier Helper to Base radio traffic with the IMS Command Center is run through the TMC DISPATCH talkgroup except:
    1. The Indianapolis TMC shall be contacted for all private tow requests.
    2. The Indianapolis TMC shall be contacted for all abandoned vehicle log interactions.
  • All non-critical van-to-van radio traffic should be communicated on DTAG unless the conversation relates to an active incident in which everyone on the Primary Talkgroup benefits from your insightful dialog.
  • During the pre-race and post-race traffic pattern, Hoosier Helpers are to advise INDOT command as to traffic flow conditions on the mainline and interchange ramps in regular intervals. The IMS Command Center will be using maps with the 2/10th Reference Markers, so use the 2/10th Reference Markers when communicating this traffic information.
  • Units assigned the PM Interstate Patrol Detail are to load as many additional cones into their commissions as possible. Based on past experience, additional traffic control may be required during the post-race traffic pattern.
  • Interstate Patrol Units that encounter "ticket scalpers" and/or "road side salespersons" are to do the following:
    1. Advise INDOT command as to the location and description of the subject(s).
    2. Approach the subjects and advise them that pedestrian traffic on the interstate is illegal. While we do not have enforcement powers, we can most certainly contact someone who does. This enforcement officer will not be lenient if the subject(s) do not comply with our warning.
    3. Advise INDOT command as to the disposition of our conversation.
    4. Monitor subject(s) actions as you and other units continue routine patrol of the area.

    Note: While the City of Speedway does issue permits for these types of activities, the Interstate Right-of-Way is Not within the city limits. Therefore, any permit that is flashed by the subject(s) is null and void on the Interstate!!

    Report Belligerent Behavior to the TMC Command Immediately If You Feel That Your Life or That of Others Is Threatened!!

  • A copy of the official traffic pattern map is attached to this memorandum for your information.
  • State Police units assigned exclusively to the race detail will operate on 52-OPS 2 outside of the track and 52-OPS 1 inside of the track. Due to the Hoosier Helper radios not currently having 52-OPS 1 or 2 programmed, these talkgroups can be monitored in units with onboard scanners as follows:
    • System through District 52 Tower
    • 52 OPS 1 through Talkgroup ID 16080
    • 52 OPS 2 through Talkgroup ID 16112

    District 52 Units assigned to routine district duties will continue to operate on 52 Dispatch

Special Assignments

  • 38-30 and X-10 are to move the temporary DMS from Westbound Crawfordsville Road east of High School Road to eastbound I-465 east of I-65 on the south side of Indianapolis near mile marker 52.8. This DMS will be used to advise motorists to watch for stop or slowed traffic ahead due to the road work and associated traffic congestion on I-74 east of I-465.

Source: Indiana Department of Transportation

Indiana State Police – Indianapolis Motor Speedway traffic control map for the Indianapolis Brickyard 400 Race, revised July 1, 2002 D