Office of Operations
21st Century Operations Using 21st Century Technologies

Practices for Improving the Coordination of Information Technology and Transportation Systems Management and Operations Resources: A Reference Document

List of Acronyms

AI—Artificial intelligence

AST—Agency for State Technology

ATM—Active traffic management

CAV—Connected and autonomous vehicle

CCTV—Closed-Circuit Television

CFR—Code of Federal Regulations

CIO—Chief Information Officer

CMM—Capability Maturity Model

DOT—Departments of Transportation

DOTD—Department of Transportation and Development

DSS—Decision Support Systems

DTMB—Department of Technology, Management and Budget

FDOT—Florida Department of Transportation

FHWA—Federal Highway Administration

ICM—Integrated corridor management

ICS—Industrial Control System

IEEE—Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IGA—Intergovernmental agreement

IoT—Internet of Things

IP—Internet Protocol

IT—Information Technology

ITS—Intelligent Transportation System

KSA—Knowledge, skills, and abilities

LADOTD—Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

MOU—Memorandum of understanding

NIST—National Institute of Standards and Technology

NOCoE—National Operations Center of Excellence

OT—Operational Technology

OTS—Office of Technology Services

OTT—Office of Transportation Technology

PennDOT—Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

PMI—Project Management Institute

PTC—Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

TDOT—Tennessee Department of Transportation

TMC—Transportation management centers

TSMO—Transportation Systems Management and Operations

V2I—Vehicle to Infrastructure

V2X—Vehicle to Everything