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Figure 8. Illustration. States with enacted legislation and executive orders for autonomous vehicles.

Map shows United States with States highlighted in blue, yellow, green, and gray for different levels of enacted legislation and executive orders.

Blue indicates Enacted Legislation. States in blue include: OR, CA, NV, UT, ND, SD, CO, IA, NE, OK, TX, LA, AR, KY, IN, MI, MS, TN, AL, NC, VA, PA, NY, VT, FL, GA, SC, NH, DC, and CT.

Green indicates Executive Order. States in green include: HI, ID, AZ, OH, MA, and DE.

Yellow indicates both executive orders and legislation. States include: WA, MN, WI, IL, and ME.

Gray indicates none. States include: AK, MT, WY, NM, KS, MO, WV, MD, NJ, RI, AS, GU, MP, VI, and PR.

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