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Surface Transportation System Funding Alternatives Phase I Evaluation: Pre-Deployment Activities for a User-Based Fee Demonstration by the Minnesota Department of Transportation

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December 2020

Table of Contents

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Executive Summary
No Value Background
No Value Minnesota Pre-Deployment Activities for a User-Based Fee Demonstration
No Value No Value Phase I Vision and Goals
No Value Major Findings
No Value No Value Key Findings of the Minnesota Approach
Chapter 1. Introduction
No Value Background of Alternative Transportation Revenue Explorations
No Value Minnesota Department of Transportation's Phase I Program
No Value Organization of this Report
Chapter 2. Surface Transportation System Funding Alternatives Program
No Value Program Purpose
No Value Program Approach
No Value Eligible Activities
Chapter 3. Pre-Deployment Activities for a Minnesota User-Based Fee Demonstration
No Value Distance-Based User Fee Program Goal and Objectives
No Value Key Components of the Minnesota Pre-Deployment Approach
No Value No Value Collaboration With and Recruitment of Mobility-as-a-Service Providers
No Value No Value Modeling Pricing Strategies and Exploring Multimodal Pricing Options
No Value No Value Stakeholder Outreach and Developing and Executing Legislative Strategies
No Value No Value Planning and Design for Deployment in Phase II Demonstration Including Designing Back Office Operations
Chapter 4. Independent Evaluation Methodology
No Value Evaluation Approach
No Value Evaluation Framework — U.S. Department of Transportation Questions
No Value Evaluation Process
No Value No Value Kick-Off Meeting
No Value No Value Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting Workshops
No Value No Value Conference Call Update
Chapter 5. Major Findings
No Value Minnesota's Proposed System Overview
No Value Summary of System-Oriented Parameters
No Value No Value Data Security
No Value No Value Charging Accuracy, Precision, and Repeatability
No Value No Value Flexibility to Adapt and Expand
No Value No Value Enforcement and Compliance
No Value No Value System Cost
No Value Summary of User-Oriented Parameters
No Value No Value User Privacy — Perceived and Real
No Value No Value Equity — Disparate Impacts Across Populations
No Value No Value Ease of Use and Public Acceptance
Chapter 6. Summary and Implications for National Implementation
Chapter 7. References

List of Figures

Figure 1. Illustration. Minnesota's proposed distance-based fee concept.
Figure 2. Disgram. Exploratory research for road usage charge technology options logic model.
Figure 3. Diagram. Minnesota mileage-based user fee demonstration proof of concept functional architecture.
Figure 4. Chart. Survey respondents' perception on the extent that a distance-based user fee will affect them.

List of Tables

Table 1. Key features of the Minnesota approach.
Table 2. Key Minnesota Phase I program activities at a glance.
Table 3. Assessment framework.
Table 4. System attributes.
Table 5. 2018 Transportation Research Board workshop questions.
Table 6. Minnesota's Phase I summary as articulated at the 2018 workshop.

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