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Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization Pilot of the Data Business Plan for State and Local Departments of Transportation: Data Business Plan

Appendix B. Stakeholder Letter

Hillsborough MPO: Metropolitan Planning for Transportation

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Dear Colleagues,

The Hillsborough MPO is excited to announce its selection to participate as one of three pilot sites for a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) mobility data business planning initiative.

A revolution in traffic information is upon us, as our vehicles and public rights-of-way become part of the internet of things. Local and state agencies as well as private entities are collecting and sharing transportation information minute by minute, and connected-vehicle applications will be a growing participant.

Can we use big data to make smarter, better targeted decisions about transportation investments? Yes-- if we have the analysis tools.

We're fortunate that the FHWA Office of Operations and its consultant team, Cambridge Systematics, Inc., will assist the MPO in developing a tailored data business plan to improve the management and governance of mobility data, which is defined as volume, speed, lane occupancy, and connected vehicle data for vehicle, freight, walk, bike, and transit modes.

The data business plan will be a living document that addresses the data needs of the MPO and its local partners, tackling both technical and institutional needs.

In order to have a positive impact in our data processes, commitments are needed not only from the Hillsborough MPO but also from our stakeholders, Who collect, manage, or use mobility data in the region.

We hope your office can participate in a survey, and in two local meetings which will coincide with the MPO's regularly-scheduled ITS Committee meetings. Prior to the initial meeting, the consultant team will reach out to your office to gather your input regarding data practices, goals, and issues. Follow-up phone interviews are also planned.

Should you have any questions on this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact me or Sarah Mckinley at the Plan Hillsborough office, or Mr. Walter During from the FHWA Office of Operations at 202-366-8959.

We look forward to working with you on this exciting initiative!


Beth Alden, AICP


Office of Operations