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Sharing Work Zone Effective Practices for Design-Build Projects

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September 2016

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Lessons Learned and Best Practices in Design-Build Projects


Project Selection

Design Quality Management

Construction Quality Management

Utilities/Right-of-Way/Railroad Coordination

Design-Builder Selection Process

Writing Design-Build Requests for Qualifications/Requests for Proposals

Use of Alternative Technical Concepts

Schedule Performance, Milestones, and Progress Payments

Change Orders

Claims and Dispute Resolution

Chapter 3: Transportation Management Plan Development Tools for Design-Build Projects


Transportation Management Plan Selection Process for Design-Build Projects

Review of Transportation Management Plan Related Clauses in Sample Design-Build Projects

Survey of States on Design-Build Practices

Chapter 4: Quality Assurance Tips for Work Zones in Design-Build Projects

Chapter 5: Quality Assurance Checklists for Work Zones in Design-Build Projects

Nighttime Work Zone Inspection Checklists

Public Awareness and Motorist Information Strategies Checklists

Work Zone Incident Management Plan Checklists

Work Zone Inspection Checklists for Urban Freeways with Uninterrupted Flows

Work Zone Inspection Checklists for Urban Roadways with Interrupted Flows

Work Zone Traffic Control Inspection Checklists

Worker Safety Inspection Checklists

Chapter 6: Additional Checklists to Support Design-Builders and Owners/Agencies

Design-Builder’s Public Involvement and Outreach Checklists

Work Zone Safety Inspection Checklists

Design-Builder’s Work Zone Incident Reporting Checklists

Post-Construction Work Zone Performance Documentation Checklists

Pre-Construction Coordination Activities Checklists

Owner/Agency’s Master Checklists

Owner/Agency’s Pre-Request for Qualifications/Proposals Checklists

Owner/Agency’s Proposal Evaluation Checklists

Owner/Agency’s Design Review Checklists

Owner/Agency’s Design and Construction Management Plan Checklists

List of Figures

Figure 1. Flowchart. Transportation management plan development process.

Figure 2. Flowchart. Development of temporary traffic control plan.

Figure 3. Flowchart. Traffic incident management plan.

Figure 4. Flowchart. Public information and outreach plan.

Figure 5. Flowchart. Alternative technical concepts.

Figure 6. Flowchart. Design-build project development.

List of Tables

Table 1. Transportation management plan related clauses in design-build projects.

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