Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program

Mitigating Work Zone Safety and Mobility Challenges through Intelligent Transportation Systems

Case Studies


A number of representatives from various agencies and private sector companies provided information critical to the development of this case study report. In particular, the assistance of the following individuals is recognized and appreciated:

  • Michael Fox, Stephen Miller, Thomas Ronan, Dewayne Seachrist, and Jason Wells
  • David Boyos and Ryan Birney
  • Robert Odom and J.P. Story
  • Pat Gilles and Mike Granger
  • Rick Coronado, Douglas Helfrich, Keith Roberts, Karen Stark, and Joe Zdankiewicz
  • Jon Vaughn
  • Brian Hoeft
  • Grant Farnsworth, Todd Jensen, Michael Merkley, Eric Rasband, and Scott Smith
  • Roland Stanger
  • Lisa Zundel
  • Lori Labrum and Mike Worrall

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