Office of Operations
21st Century Operations Using 21st Century Technologies

Impacts of Technology Advancements on Transportation Management Center Operations

Appendix C – TMC Manager Programmatic Checklist of Recommended Actions

Recommended Actions Checklist for Selecting Strategies

❑ Use the Top Trends and Applicable Strategies table (Table 2) to identify trends that the TMC needs to prioritize

❑ Identify strategies for implementation under those trend headings

❑ Focus on strategies that will have the most benefit within limited operating budgets

❑ Think of agency constraints and how each strategy will create opportunities to move forward

❑ Consider the likelihood of the strategy meeting agency goals and objectives

❑ Compile supporting facts, reasoning, and justification for strategy implementation to present to decision-makers

❑ Devise a back-up plan if initial strategy selection is deemed infeasible by upper management

❑ Gather input from stakeholders on identifying strategies, including operators, maintenance and IT staff, traffic engineering, management, and others as appropriate

❑ Include selected strategies in TMC Business Plan

❑ Investigate funding mechanisms

Recommended Actions Checklist for Staying Informed on Technological Advancement

❑ Allocate time to participate in industry webinars and other trainings that offer direct access to experts

❑ Allocate time to read newsletters, reports, journals, e-mails, and websites from top industry associations

❑ Focus on gaining a high-level understanding rather than delving into specifics

❑ Call upon colleagues, consultants, and vendors to clarify and/or share lessons learned

❑ Activate society memberships to get updates on current technologies and standards

❑ Reach out to ITS device sales representatives for a demonstration of new products or product features

Recommended Actions Checklist within the Broader Organizational Context

❑ Be active in regional and national professional societies, user groups, associations, and governmental programs

❑ Share meeting minutes and notable highlights with other engineering staff