Office of Operations
21st Century Operations Using 21st Century Technologies

Acronym List

AASHTO The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials
ATDM Active Transportation and Demand Management
ATM Active Traffic Management
BCA Benefit/Cost Analysis
BRT Bus Rapid Transit
CBD Central Business District
CCRPC Champaign County Regional Planning Commission
CIVITAS CIty-VITAlity-Sustainability
CMAQ Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality
CMP Congestion Management Program/Plan/Process
CTE Center for Transportation and the Environment
C-TIP Cross-town Improvement Project
CTR Commute Trip Reduction
CUT Chassis Utilization Tracking
CUTR Center for Urban Transportation Research
CUUATS Champaign Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study (Illinois)
DOT Department of Transportation
DRG Dynamic Route Guidance
DRI Developments of Regional Impact
DRPT Department of Rail and Public Transportation
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPOMM European Platform on Mobility Management
EWGCC East-West Gateway Coordination Council
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FTA Federal Transit Administration
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GHG Greenhouse Gas
GIS Geographic Information System
GPS Global Positioning System
GRH Guaranteed Ride Home
GTEC Growth and Transportation Efficiency Center
HERO Highway Emergency Response Operations
HOT High Occupancy Toll
HOV High Occupancy Vehicle
HUD Housing and Urban Development
ICM Integrated Corridor Management
IDM Integrated Demand Management
IMEX Intermodal Move Exchange
ITB Influencing Travel Behavior
ITE Institute of Transportation Engineers
ITS Intelligent Transportation System
JARC Jobs Access Reverse Commute
JPO Joint Program Office
LOS Level of Service
LRTP Long-range Transportation Plan
METRIC Mobility Enhancement and Trip Reduction Index to aid in Comparison
MIM Missoula in Motion (Montana)
MIS Major Investment Studies
MOE Measures of Effectiveness
MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization
MTA Metropolitan Transit/Transportation Authority
MTC Metropolitan Transportation Commission
MTP Metropolitan Transportation Planning
MWCOG Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
NAAQS National Ambient Air Quality Standards
NCHRP National Cooperative Highway Research Program
NCTR National Center for Transit Research
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
NOx Oxides of Nitrogen
NTD National Transit Database
O/D Origin/Destination
PAYD Pay-As-You-Drive
R-TRIP Redmond (WA) Trip Resource and Incentive Program
RTTM Real-time Traffic Monitoring
SANDAG San Diego Association of Governments
SHSP Strategic Highway Safety Plan
SLRTP Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plans
SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound
SOV Single Occupancy Vehicle
STIP State(wide) Transportation Improvement Plan/Program
STP Surface Transportation Program
TCM Transportation Control Measures
TCRP Transportation Cooperative Research Program
TCSP Transportation Community and System Preservation Program
TDM Transportation or Travel Demand Management
TEEM TDM Effectiveness Evaluation Model
TEL Tolled Express Lane
TERMS Transportation Emission Reduction Measures
TIGER Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery
TIP Transportation Improvement Program
TMA Transportation Management Area
TMA Transportation Management Associations
TMC Transportation Management Center
TMD Transportation Management District
T-MDID Truck-Mounted Driver Interface Device
TOD Transit Oriented Development
TRIMMS Trip Reduction Impacts of Mobility Management Systems
TRPP Trip Reduction Performance Program
TSM Transportation/Travel Systems Management
TSMO Transportation Systems Management and Operations
VHT Vehicle Hours Travelled
VMT Vehicle Miles Travelled
VOC Volatile Organic Compound
VTPI Victoria [British Columbia, Canada] Transport Policy Institute
VTR Vehicle Trip Reduction
WDU Wireless Drayage Updating
WSDOT Washington State DOT
WTRM Worksite Trip Reduction Model