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The Role of Transportation Systems Management & Operations in Supporting Livability and Sustainability

A Primer

January 2012


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Purpose of the Primer
What Do We Mean by Livability and Sustainability?
What Is Transportation Systems Management & Operations?
Why Is M&O Important to Help Achieve Livability and Sustainability Goals?
Chapter 2 Potential Roles of M&O in Supporting Livability and Sustainability
How M&O Can Support Livability and Sustainability
A Balanced Approach to M&O
Chapter 3 Fundamentals: How to Manage and Operate Transportation Systems to Support Livability and Sustainability
Operate to Serve Community Priorities
Increase Opportunities for Safe, Comfortable Walking and Bicycling
Improve the Transit Experience
Support Reliable, Efficient Movement of People and Goods
Manage Travel Demand
Provide Information to Support Choices
Support Placemaking
Use Balanced Performance Measures
Collaborate and Coordinate Broadly
Chapter 4 Putting it All Together
Multimodal Corridor Strategy: Urban/Suburban Roadway Transition
Multimodal Corridor Phased Operations Plan
Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations
Getting Started

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