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Urban Freight Case Studies - Washington, DC


Parking Citations

Increased enforcement along K Street, NW, resulted in double the number of violations and citations issued in May 2007 over the previous month. Similarly, the number of violations issued in May 2007 increased by 50 percent over the number issued in September 2006. The increased enforcement and the resulting improvement in the use of on- and off-street loading space is an important factor in the reduction of travel times along K Street, NW.

Travel Time Study

Car, bicycle, and transit bus travel-time baseline data were collected on five of the District's priority corridors in September 2006. A post-implementation study was conducted on K Street, NW, one of the priority corridors, in May 2007.

Data show a statistically significant reduction in automobile and bicycle travel times along K Street, NW, between 12th and 21st Streets, in May 2007 compared with September 2006. Travel time variability also was reduced after the implementation of congestion management measures. A reduction in bus travel time was notable but not as significant. This could be due to an approximately 11 percent increase in ridership on the Circulator bus in May 2007 compared with September 2006.

7 This discussion is based on Ellen Jones, Arun Chatterjee, and Robert L. Marsili, "A Collaborative Plan for Curbside Freight Delivery in Washington, DC, USA," ITE Journal, May 2009.

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