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Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Performance Measurement Knowledge Management System

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The Federal Highway Administration has launched a peer-driven, highly useful, intuitive tool designed to provide TIM professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to successfully implement program-level TIM performance measures in their state.

The Knowledgebase and LISTSERV offer users complementary and convenient tools to share and exchange knowledge and materials related to TIM Performance Measurement!

Image representing Performance Measurement Knowledge Management System resources, including the ListServ and the Knowledgebase. Image representing Performance Measurement Knowledge Management System resources, including the ListServ and the Knowledgebase. The ListServe provides tacit knowledge, on-demand availability, and specific answers to specific questions from peers and experts. The Knowledgebase contains documented knowledge, is searchable and browseable, and provides sample and reusable tools and resources.

Based on the successful tool developed by similar stakeholders for the Department of Transportation's Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) initiative, the TIM Performance Measurement Knowledge Management System consists of two complementary components:

  • A searchable, browseable Knowledgebase: Search and browse the Knowledgebase to find the information you need by:
    • Resource type. Find outreach materials to help you build support for your TIM performance measurement program, sample architectures, or data sharing memoranda of understanding that were successful in another state.
    • Performance measure. Find resources that directly relate to TIM performance measurement in general, or specific performance measures, including any of the three core measures developed through the TIM Performance Measures Focus States Initiative—Incident Clearance, Roadway Clearance, and Secondary Incidents.
    • TIM-related conference/events. Find interesting materials or reports on performance measurement presented at recent events. Bookmark the TIM Performance Measurement Knowledgebase at
  • A managed email list (LISTSERV): Tap into the knowledge and insights of others from the convenience of your desktop email! Keep yourself and others informed on developments and events related to TIM performance measurement, ask questions of others, share tips, or make people aware of a new document or resource that may be helpful to them in TIM performance measurement.

Send an email to to subscribe to the TIM Performance Measurement LISTSERV.

How can you help?

Share your knowledge through the LISTSERV identify helpful resources to contribute to the Knowledgebase.

Paul Jodoin,
FHWA TIM Program Manager
tel: 202-366-5465

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