Emergency Transportation Operations

Good Practices in Transportation Evacuation Preparedness and Response
Results of the FHWA Workshop Series

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Good Practices in Transportation Evacuation Preparedness and Response: Results of the FHWA Workshop Series

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August 2009

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Nancy Houston

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Booz Allen Hamilton
8283 Greensboro Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102

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Federal Highway Administration, HOTO-1
U.S. Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590

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Final Report

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Kimberly Vasconez, FHWA Team Leader, Emergency Transportation Operations, Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR).

16. Abstract

This document provides an overview of the good practices identified during a series of multi-state workshops on Transportation Evacuation Preparedness and Response in four regions across the United States. Good practices are not presented in priority order, but rather were grouped in the three workshop phases as follows:

  • Preparation and Activation
  • Response
  • Re-entry and Return to Readiness
  • The four workshops were based on the Federal Highway Administration's three volume primer series, Routes to Effective Evacuation Planning Primer Series
    • Using Highways for Notice Evacuations
    • Using Highways for No-Notice Evacuations
    • Evacuating Populations With Special Needs.

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Evacuation, Preparedness, Transportation Operations Center, Emergency Operations, Emergency Transportation Operations

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