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Appendix F. Top Sites To Benefit From Collaboration

FHWA has an interest in encouraging State and local TMCs, EOCs, and FCs to establish more effective communication links and promote information sharing. Some metropolitan areas already have at least one TMC, EOC, and FC in close proximity to each other, creating a situation where each of the three centers would likely have interest in similar information, the bulk of which was discussed in Chapter 3 of this guidebook.

Table F-1 provides a list of sites where collaboration between TMCs, EOCs, and FCs would most likely be successful. These sites were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Metropolitan area
  • Established TMC, EOC, and FC in close proximity to each other
  • Robust TMC that will be able to provide transportation-related information to the EOC and FC.

Some of the sites on this list already work closely with the other sites in their vicinity through partnerships and information-sharing agreements. In addition to outlining potential areas where greater connectivity could be achieved, the list also provides a resource for lesser-developed sites as to the potential sites on which new information-sharing programs might be based.

Table F-1: Top Sites to Benefit from TMC-EOC-FC Collaboration
TMC EOC FC City State
City of Phoenix Transportation Management Center State EOC is located on the Papago Park Military Reservation Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC) Phoenix AZ
Los Angeles Regional Transportation Management Center County of Los Angeles’ Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center (RTTAC)/Los Angeles/Joint Regional Intelligence Center Los Angeles CA
Caltrans District 3 Regional Transportation Management Center Sacramento Regional Homeland Security and Emergency Management Training Center State Terrorism Threat Assessment Center/Sacramento Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center Sacramento CA
Colorado Transportation Management System Denver Emergency Operations Center Colorado Information Analysis Center Denver-area CO
Deltrac Transportation Management Center Delaware Emergency Management Operations Center Delaware Information Analysis Center Dover-area DE
Georgia NaviGAtor Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Operations Center Georgia Information Sharing and Analysis Center Atlanta GA
Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee (GCM) Corridor Transportation Information Center City of Chicago Joint Operations Center Chicago Crime Prevention and Information Center Chicago IL
Indianapolis TrafficWise State of Indiana Emergency Operations Center Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center Indianapolis IN
Kentucky Transportation Operations Center State Emergency Operations Center Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center Frankfort KY
Advanced Traffic Management and Emergency Operations Center Advanced Traffic Management and Emergency Operations Center Louisiana State Analytical and Fusion Exchange (LA-SAFE) Baton Rouge LA
Boston Transportation Department Traffic Management Center Boston Emergency Operations Center Commonwealth Fusion Center/Boston Regional Intelligence Center Boston MA
Intelligent Transportation Systems Center SE Michigan Detroit Edison Emergency Operations Center Michigan Intelligence Operations Center Detroit MI
Regional Transportation Management Center City of Minneapolis Emergency Operations Center Minnesota Joint Analysis Center Minneapolis-area MN
Triangle Transportation Management Center Wake County Emergency Operations Center North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center  (ISAAC) Raleigh NC
DalTrans Transportation Management Center Dallas County Emergency Operations Center North Central Texas Fusion Center Dallas TX
Greater Houston Transportation and Emergency Management Center Greater Houston Transportation and Emergency Management Center Houston Regional Intelligence Service Center Houston TX
WSDOT Traffic Systems Management Center (TSMC) Fire Station 10 Emergency Operations Center Washington State Joint Analytical Center Seattle WA
MONITOR Transportation Management Center Milwaukee Emergency Operations Center Southeast Wisconsin Terrorism Alert Center (STAC) Milwaukee WS

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