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5.10.4 Supplies

  1. Ensure a Supply of Redundant Equipment and Supplies – “In both Baltimore and New York, agency officials spoke of the need to have redundant supplies of equipment. But even more important is maintaining a good inventory of where supplies are kept or could be readily purchased. Bridge and tunnel officials talked about the heavy volume of filters, batteries, and other routine supplies the agencies used in the days after September 11.”
    Effects of Catastrophic Events on Transportation System Management and Operations: Cross-Cutting Study

  2. Stockpile Equipment and Supplies – “The Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) was designed in the early 1960s to earthquake standards more stringent than the equivalent highway standards at the time. BART has stockpiled equipment and supplies at fault crossings to repair the system.”
    Riding Out Future Quakes: Ideas for Action: Improving Planning of Transportation Providers, Government, Utilities and Businesses for Post-Earthquake Transportation Disruptions In the San Francisco Bay Region

February 7, 2006
Publication #FHWA–HOP-08-015