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Communicating With the Public Using ATIS During Disasters
A Guide for Practitioners

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April 2007

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Table of Contents


List of Tables

  • Table 3-1. Types of ATIS Used During Incidents by Selected Jurisdictions
  • Table 3-2. Disaster Case Study Sites and Their Characteristics
  • Table 3-3. ATIS Used for Disaster-Related Road Closures
  • Table 4-1. Activities Related to Traveler Information Delivery During Disasters
  • Table 5-1. Candidate Agenda Topics
  • Table 5-2. Potential Recommendations for the ATIS Strategy

List of Figures

  • Figure 3-1. Process Map of Advanced Traveler Information Systems
  • Figure 4-1. Process for Traveler Information Dissemination During Disasters
  • Figure 5-1. Toolkit for Developing an ATIS Strategy
  • Figure 5-2. Dissemination Tools and Level of Message Detail During Emergencies
  • Figure 5-3. Unified Command Structure

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