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12th International HOV Systems Conference: Improving Mobility and Accessibility with Managed Lanes, Pricing, and BRT

Conference Proceedings


Jessie Yung, Federal Highway Administration, Presiding

A Comparison of Houston HOV Lane Users and Non-Users

Mark Burris, Texas A&M University

Mark Burris discussed the results of recent surveys of QuickRide program participants and HOV lane users in Houston. He described the development of the Houston HOV lane system and the implementation of the QuickRide program, which is a value pricing demonstration project. He also summarized the results of recent surveys of QuickRide participants, bus riders, and carpoolers.

I-5 North Coast Managed Lanes Community Outreach Program

Heather Werdick, San Diego Association of Governments

Heather Werdick described the community outreach program associated with the I-5 North Coast managed lanes project in San Diego. She summarized the project background, highlighted the major elements of the community outreach program, discussed the key findings, and noted future activities.

Public Perceptions on Tolling in Texas

Sukumar Kalmanje, University of Texas at Austin

Sukumar Kalmanje discussed public perception related to toll roads and congestion pricing in Texas. He described the results of recent research projects conducted for TxDOT and other sponsors which included telephone surveys, on-line surveys, and focus groups. He recognized the assistance of Kara Kockelman, Kaethe Podgorski, and Michelle Bina of the University of Texas at Austin on the research and this presentation.

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